Egy Polymers launches a new speciality product

Egy Polymers launches a new speciality product

Egy Polymers for Chemicals launches a new specialty product RBind 101 & RBind 155

for sport application (Moisture Cured Isocyanate Prepolymers)

RBind 101 is solvent free prepolymer for the various

mats production through the rubber crumb molding process binding for a rubber crumb,

suitable for both formation of a massive tile (EPDM & SBR)

RBind 155 a prepolymers, available as transparent binders, is successfully utilized to bond rubber granules. Different prepolymers are used for the production of polyurethane bonded reclaimed rubber depending on the selected manufacturing technology, which can either be the molded or the in-situ process. The high quality of RBind 155 prepolymers is essential to achieve properties like easy processing, durability and color intensity. The in-situ rubber rebonding process is mainly applied for the preparation of athletic tracks and for playground surfaces.

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