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Egy Polymers for Chemicals launches new specialty product SubFix®411 (2-Components Polyurethane base adhesive system). The main use is to join two pieces of artificial grass together, using joining tape, to form an invisible, secure join. However, also be used to install artificial grass to existing substrates and surfaces, such as concrete, paving slabs, block paving or decking. Another popular use for SubFix®411 is to fix artificial grass to either a 10mm or 20mm foam underlay, to provide a soft, bouncy cushion, which can help protect against injuries from trips or falls. SubFix ®411Two-part adhesive is ideal for fixing foam underlays to existing surfaces, too. SubFix®411 thixotropic properties ensure economic usage and good contact between uneven surfaces. SubFix® 411 is easy to apply and VOC free. SubFix®411 developed, tested and produced at our own laboratory and production plant in Egypt.