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EgyBind 126

EgyBind 126 is a non-reactive thermoplastic polyurethane plasticizer resin with a special molecular weight which is suited for modifying nitrocellulose based inks for flexo and gravure applications on flexible films. Polyurethane resins impart excellent adhesion to numerous flexible films and offer good heat-seal jaw release with resistance to blocking, deep-freeze, and grease. Inks based on this resin are recommended for surface printing as well as laminating applications.
EgyBind 126 has good alcohol dilutability.

Film properties:-

- Very good plasticizing properties - replacement for phthalates.
- Excellent heat seal resistance and freeze resistance.
- Increase printability when combined with NC resin.
- Increase lamination bond strength when combined with NC resin.
- Good solvent release.
- Excellent film flexibility.
- Very good grease resistant.
- Very good dry and wet rub resistance.