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EgyBind 270

EgyBind 270 is a non-reactive aliphatic polyurethane film former resin of a high molecular weight. The product forms a film with elastomeric properties and is recommended for flexography and rotogravure printing ink formulations on a wide variety of flexible film especially on OPP, PE and PET.


Film properties:-

- Excellent compatibility with cellulose nitrate, PVB and vinyl resins.
- Very Good flexibility and tack free.
- Excellent heat resistance and ink transfer on aluminum foil and polyester films.
- Very good color retention and stability.
- Excellent non yellowing property and light resistance.
- Non-blocking tendency even at higher temperatures.
- Excellent adhesion on BOPP, PE and PET films.
- Very Good solvent release.
- Excellent heat and chemical resistance.
- Excellent lamination and extrusion bond strength.
- Excellent blocking resistance even at higher temperatures.
- Excellent retorting resistance.