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SubFix411 is a high performance, 2-Components fast set, urethane adhesive designed for high-performance seaming and direct bonding of artificial turf used in athletic and landscape applications for both indoor and outdoor.

SubFix411 formulated based on high-quality raw materials, so it can be applied in extreme ambient conditions such as high humidity and low temperatures.


- Cures quickly and provides a moisture-proof property.
- Good workability – even at low temperatures.
- Excellent performance, indoor and outdoor applications.
- Excellent bonding to diverse types of artificial turf.
- Solvent-free, odorless and environmentally friendly.
- Excellent flexibility & Durability properties.
- Excellent weather resistance.
- Easy to spread and great reliability for installation.

SubFix411 Market Applications:

-Interior and exterior artificial grass installation.
-Professional & Educational sports fields arenas.
-Landscaping application of synthetic grass.
-Adhesive for artificial grass sports ground applications.
-Bonding rubber sheets & rubber tiles to different surfaces such as; concrete, hardboard, chipboard.